About Us

In 2011, my friend and roommate Albert Salmen and I decided we wanted to go into business for ourselves making affordable, high quality ammunition. We are both gun enthusiasts and thought it would be a great way to learn more while providing ourselves with good ammunition and helping out our fellow shooters.

As we grew in operations over the next couple of years I began to see a frightening trend among the gun community. With the political gun scares following mass shootings, there were a number of new gun owners joining our ranks, but it was near impossible to find the ammunition for them to become proficient, and thus safe, in the use of their weapon. When people could find the ammo, it was either garbage or incredibly cost prohibitive. We had found our corporate mission, to help shooters around the country to be able to Train Hard by being partners with them for their ammunition needs.

We make the best ammunition we can for the lowest price to you, our loyal customers. We don’t price gouge, we don’t to gimmicky crap so we can sell the same ammo at a huge premium (yeah, I’m looking at you Hornady with that stupid Zombie Max junk), we just do right by our customers.

Try us out, I promise you’ll be pleased with what you get. And thanks for reading.


Andrew Scott

A&A Ammunition CEO