Open letter to the ATF

I am (obviously) writing in regards to the proposed ban on M855 ammunition. I have two primary concerns. The first is that I feel that this ban is not legally within the guidelines of the GCA. I’m sure you’re well aware of both qualifications for banned armor piercing ammunition, so I will not remunerate them. The 2nd banning qualification clearly does not apply, as M855 was clearly not “intended” for use in a handgun, so I’m assuming you’re banning it on grounds of the 1st qualification, which states that “which may be used” in a handgun and has a core constructed entirely of said alloys.M855 does not have a core constructed of these prohibited alloys. It has a core constructed of lead. It does have a steel “penetrator” tip. This is not the core. Additionally, the first qualification specifically states “ entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of” qualification specified alloys. Even if you claimed that the steel penetrator tip was part of the core, there is no conceivable way you could claim that the lead portion of the core was a “trace presence” given that it would account for more than 50% of total.
This is my first concern. Not only is this ban not legal within the guidelines of the GCA, but there is not conceivable way it could hold up in court. This ban will fail, and the only thing that will be shown for it is a massive waste of the court’s time and taxpayers money.
My second concern is this: (also this is where the letter becomes slightly less polite, I apologize in advance. Also I am fully aware that you, the individual selected to go through the undoubtedly massive amount of correspondence received on this issue, are not the individual responsible for this decision. As such, please understand that when I refer to “you” I mean the officials who made this decision, and not you personally. You’re just doing your job, and I respect that.) This is clearly not an attempt at improving police officer safety, as has been claimed. Do you really think that someone is concealing an AR15 pistol down their jeans, loaded with some M855, specifically so they can kill a cop wearing soft body armor? You couldn’t even conceal an AR15 pistol in JNCOs. Or did you just watch Heat 27th time and think “hey, Val Kilmer did it so I bet that’ll happen any minute now that guys figured out how to have an AR that’s 4 inches shorter without paying us $200!”
No, of course not, that would be too funny for real life. What’s really happening here is you guys are throwing a hissy fit about the AR15 pistol, pissed off because your own agency approved the Sig brace and then it became an embarrassing cluster when you tried to cover your tracks. And now that you allowed this can of worms to open its own non-Form-1-paying-self you’re just trying to “get even” with the AR community.
You know who you are? You’re the wife/girlfriend who tells their husband/boyfriend “oh yeah, sure, go out with the guys, I don’t care!” and when he doesn’t take the hint and actually goes out and enjoys himself, you freak out and trash the whole flippin’ house, even though you know deep down that it’s not really a big deal, and that no harm was done. And even though you’re acting irrational and unnecessarily vengeful, hey, you’re the one in the relationship with all the power, so it’s cool, we’ll clean up the house.
Honestly, if my 7 year old nephew knew about his behavior, he’d give you one piece of wisdom.
“Grow up.”
Andrew Scott,
CEO A&A Ammunition
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